Getting Your Child Ready For Their First Little League Game

It's never too early to start thinking about what your child will need to have in preparation for little league this upcoming season. Obtaining the right items, such as uniforms and gear, is essential before practice starts, but there are some other things to consider as well. Your child's health, both mentally and physically, is very important in order to meet the demands of a physical sport. Here are some things you can do to help get your child ready for their first practice game.  

Attend A Baseball Game Together

Whether your child is well versed in baseball and how the game works or not, it's still important for him to see other players in action. This helps him hone his overall skills as a player. Seeing how pros or other local players in the community perform when they're in playing action on the field is a great learning tool for any young player. Have your child pay attention to every aspect of the game. This includes:

  • Field mechanics, including stance, technique and calculation
  • Basic game fundamentals, such as catching, positioning and pitching the ball
  • Overall gaming strategy
  • Terms of common maneuvers throughout the game

After the game, try going over these tips with your child. This can help prepare your child before he meets with his team for the first time.  

Rules Of Sportsmanship

One of the main goals of a successful baseball player is to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Not every player and team will win every game. It's important to teach your child how to treat other players and opponents with dignity and respect, while maintaining composure and calmness. While emotions run high, reiterate that there will always be another game and practicing helps strengthen skills that may need some work.

Getting Healthy

If your child already leads a healthy lifestyle, make sure to reinforce it before and during little league practice and playing times. This means in addition to practice, your child should still get at least 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise on a daily basis. Eating meals from all of the basic food groups helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Staying replenished with fluids is vital. For most children, drinking between nine to fourteen cups of water per day is healthy. If your child is very active and playing in high temperatures, you can offer him more water and electrolyte replenishment sports drinks as well.

Having The Right Equipment

When practicing, there are some basic things baseball players need that will help your child to perform in the game properly. This includes:

  • A properly fitted glove or mitt for catching
  • Batting glove
  • Baseball
  • Bat
  • Helmet
  • Cleats

Making sure that these items fit properly will ensure that your child plays successfully. In addition, the coach may recommend more or less equipment for your child once the season starts.

Having fun is what baseball is all about. Working with your child to determine what his strengths and weaknesses are will help him be the most successful out on the field.