Moving With A Motorcycle: What You Need For Safe Transport

You love your motorcycle, and you want to always keep it in excellent condition so you can go riding whenever your spirit wants to be free. When moving to a new location, you want to take your ride with you, but you don't want to have to put heavy freeway miles on it at the same time. You can transport your motorcycle either on a trailer or in the back of a moving truck or pickup easily when you have the right supplies. Here are things you need to have safe transport for your motorcycle when moving.


Motorcycle ramps are made of steel or aluminum and designed to attach to the back of a pickup or trailer so you can wheel your ride into its temporary location. These ramps can be placed on a tow hitch on the back of a truck for travel or simply used to roll your motorcycle into its new spot before being unloaded and put away. These ramps can be used again and again for moving your motorcycle without having to personally ride it, especially when you need future repairs or maintenance done. You can buy motorcycle ramps at your local ATV or off-road vehicle supply store, such as Cruiser Caddie, or at the retailer who sells your brand of bike.

Cotton blankets

To keep your motorcycle from getting dented or scratched while in transport, you want to securely wrap it in soft cotton blankets that won't rub on the shiny exterior paint or leave fuzzy residue on your machine. Old sheets can serve the same purpose. Wrap blankets or sheets around the handlebars, seat, and headlights of your motorcycle to provide protection from the sun and sharp objects to keep your ride secure.

It may be wise to have a finishing coat put on the paint of your motorcycle just before you move so you have that extra coat of varnish to protect it while it is being transported. This can be done at your local motorcycle repair and maintenance shop.


Whether you have your motorcycle placed in the back of a moving trailer or exposed on the back of a pickup or SUV, you will want to use tie-downs to keep it from being knocked over or thrashing from side to side. If you go into a motorcycle supply store, you can explain to a rep the type of bike you have and what style of transportation you are using for it, and they can help you determine the strength and number of tie-downs you need for a successful and safe move.

Traveling with a motorcycle can be done as long as you have the right supplies. When you travel prepared, you can make it to your destination with your bike fully intact and ready to ride.