Guys Day Out: Three Fun Ways To Entertain Your Future Father In Law On His Visit To NYC

If your girlfriend's parents are coming to New York City to visit, and her father is expecting to spend some time alone with you in order to better get to know you, then you need to think up some entertaining ideas. While your girlfriend and her mom are out at a Broadway show or at the spa, you and her dad are going to be hanging out. This is especially important if you have not really spent much quality time with her folks. So, you need to pick something that he will enjoy and will make a good impression on him. Here are a few ideas.

Go Golfing At One Of The Cities Public Golf Courses

If you know that your girlfriends dad loves to golf, then a perfect way to spend the afternoon would be a trip to one of the cities public golf courses. These public golf courses are perfect because you don't have to belong to a private country club to get a spot on the links (as is the case with some of the haughty courses in Westchester and Long Island). All you have to do is log on to the cities website and arrange for a tee time. There are a few to choose from, with the most popular ones being Van Cortland in The Bronx, and the Clearview courses in Queens.

Lunch At A Classic NYC Steakhouse

If you have already met your future father-in-law a few times, and have a somewhat comfortable rapport, and don't think that you would have lots of awkward silences sitting down to eat, then lunch is a great idea. When it comes to choosing a place, you might like to choose one of the famous NYC steakhouses. These are located mostly in Midtown, though there are some in the financial district (as well as in Brooklyn). They are classy, and great if you know that he's a big fan of steak. If you want to make it extra awesome, you can head to one of the nearby cigar bars afterwards to relax until your girlfriend and her mom are done for the day.

Take An Afternoon Fishing Charter From Brooklyn or Long Island

If you would really like to wow your girlfriends dad, you might like to arrange for a fishing charter. If he likes to fish, but doesn't live near the ocean, then he will love the opportunity to head out and go fishing in the Atlantic ocean. There are charters that you can find that are located in either Brooklyn or Long Island. The ones in Brooklyn are very convenient to Manhattan. Many of them originate in the Sheepshead Bay area. Of course, if you don't mind the drive out to Long Island, you can find some really fun day length fishing charters that set out from Montauk. These head out far into the Atlantic and let you fish for large bluefin and shark.