How To Visit A Recreational Dispensary And What You Are Allowed To Purchase

Recreational dispensaries allow people who are 21 years old and up to purchase products for consumption made with marijuana. You will need to show an ID when you enter the facility, and you won't be allowed in if you are not old enough. Even if you are a medical marijuana patient, you won't be able to purchase recreational marijuana if you are not 21. There are limits on what you can purchase, and shops can't sell products that are more concentrated than what is set by law. The bottom line is that you can't just walk into a recreational dispensary and leave with whatever you want.

Retail Shop Limits in the United States

In any one purchase, it is illegal for recreational dispensaries to sell more than 5 grams of concentrate or an ounce of flower in one sale. It is important to know how much legal flower is allowed to have in public, as this is the maximum amount you can purchase once. Even though you can have up to 10 ounces in your own house, you have to follow the laws that only allow one ounce of marijuana flower at one sale. Edibles are restricted as well. The level of THC in one serving of edibles can't exceed 5 milligrams. 

Ask Questions If You Have Them

If you have questions regarding any of the marijuana products for sale, ask them. You can learn about the types of marijuana products that are available to you and talk about the differences between them. Whether you want to consume edibles and experience a high that lasts longer or you are interested in marijuana for anxiety, knowing what works for your specific needs is important.

Patients Still Get Priority

It is valuable to know that recreational dispensaries can have a long wait time, especially when they are first open. If you are a medical marijuana card holder, your purchases are often prioritized. Medical marijuana users can purchase at a recreational dispensary, but they tend to be looking for products that are created for the conditions they suffer from. Patients with medical marijuana cards are a slightly different market for dispensaries, although the two overlap.

When you are going to a recreational dispensary, always have legal identification with you. Be prepared to wait in line, especially if the dispensary is new. You will be allowed to purchase products based on limits set by the law and not the dispensary itself.