Three Valuable Benefits Of Mountain Biking

If you're looking for a new type of workout that gets you outside the gym, it might be time to think about mountain biking. Booking a mountain bike tour provides a unique combination of a physical challenge alongside a chance to spend time in nature. Whether you're tackling a challenging hillside course or simply enjoying a more moderate ride through the woods, this activity provides a long list of physical and emotional benefits. Here are three benefits you'll experience while riding your mountain bike.

Calorie Burning

Burning calories is integral to weight loss and weight maintenance; devoting time to regularly riding a mountain bike can help you accomplish either goal. The number of calories you'll burn while mountain biking depends on your weight and the length of your ride. The caloric burn, however, is impressive -- a 185-pound person who rides a mountain bike for 30 minutes can expect to burn nearly 400 calories. Given that many mountain bike excursions are considerably longer than 30 minutes, you'll likely experience a significant caloric burn during your tour. If you decide to make this activity a regular occurrence, you can definitely use it to help with your weight goals.

Heart Strength

Cardiovascular exercises such as mountain biking are an ideal way to strengthen your heart. A stronger heart can make you less likely to suffer a heart attack. One specific tactic that people use for building their heart strength is switching their workout intensity between moderate and vigorous. With mountain biking, moving between these two intensities is natural -- when you're riding uphill, you'll be working harder to propel your bike forward. When you reach a downhill stretch of the course, your momentum will carry you forward and you won't be exerting yourself quite as much.

Endorphin Release

As a cardiovascular form of exercise, mountain biking is an ideal activity to pursue if you want to reduce your stress or if you simply want to feel better emotionally. This activity leads to an endorphin release, which can promote numerous emotional benefits. If you're feeling depressed or stressed, this hormonal change can improve your mood, for example. Endorphins are the reason that you often simply feel better after a period of exercising. While any amount of cardio exercise such as mountain biking can help your mood, it's ideal to devote at least 20 to 30 minutes to the activity to experience a full endorphin release.