Three Valuable Benefits Of Mountain Biking

If you're looking for a new type of workout that gets you outside the gym, it might be time to think about mountain biking. Booking a mountain bike tour provides a unique combination of a physical challenge alongside a chance to spend time in nature. Whether you're tackling a challenging hillside course or simply enjoying a more moderate ride through the woods, this activity provides a long list of physical and emotional benefits. [Read More]

4 Advantages Of Floating Docks

For anybody that owns a marina or a parcel of lakefront property, the question when it comes to docks is deceptively simple: fixed or floating? Though it's only these two options that dominate the conversation, there are a huge variety of factors to consider when making the decision to choose one over the other. Read on below to discover four advantages that floating docks have over fixed docks, and whether the former is the best fit for your property. [Read More]

Three Bits Of Sage Advice When Buying An Antique Black Powder Rifle For Bear Hunting

The brave men and women who trail-blazed the great plains and wilderness of America in the 1800s had a lot of obstacles to overcome. Among those obstacles were grizzly and black bears that were not exactly fond of being disturbed. In those rugged days, stopping a charging bear meant hitting a very clean shot with an old black powder rifle. For the adventurous outdoors folk wishing to take a hunting trip to a very different level, hunting bears with antique guns with black powder is an idea. [Read More]

Children And Hot Tubs: Safety First!

Your kids think your hot tub is great, but as a parent, you know that safety comes first. Hot temperatures, deep water and a powerful filter with suction all can place small children in danger if certain hot tub rules are not properly enforced. These tips will help you keep your kids safe in and around the hot tub. Age Limits The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals recommends that very young children should never go in a hot tub, even if it's attended by an adult. [Read More]