Children And Hot Tubs: Safety First!

Your kids think your hot tub is great, but as a parent, you know that safety comes first. Hot temperatures, deep water and a powerful filter with suction all can place small children in danger if certain hot tub rules are not properly enforced. These tips will help you keep your kids safe in and around the hot tub.

Age Limits

The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals recommends that very young children should never go in a hot tub, even if it's attended by an adult. Babies and toddlers have very thin skin and are subject to overheating. As a general rule, if a child is not tall enough to stand on the bottom of the hot tub and keep his or her head above water, that child does not belong in the hot tub.

Even children who are old enough to go in the hot tub should not spend more than 5 minutes in the hot tub at one time unless the temperature is dropped to 98 degrees or less, and even then it's only safe to stay in the hot tub for 15 minutes at a time.

Covers and Fences

Covers, fences and other protective barriers save lives. Keep a protective cover on or around your pool at all times when no adult is present. You will have your choice between several types of barriers that can keep your kids safe. These barriers include:

  • Nets. Pool nets and hot tub nets look like the safety nets designed to catch falling trapeze artists. Pulled tight over the surface of the hot tub, safety nets are strong enough to prevent children and even adults (up to a certain weight limit) from falling in. Nets are a good choice for in-ground hot tubs because they attach to the concrete around the tub.
  • Fences. Fences are a traditional barrier for in ground hot tubs. While effective, fences have the disadvantage of creating visual barriers that can seem cage-like, detracting from the hot tub's overall aesthetic.
  • Covers. Canvas covers are an excellent choice for above-ground hot tubs.

Whatever you decide to install, it's critical to have some kind of barrier to keep your children out of the hot tub.

Filter Safety

Hot tubs need to have a powerful filter because warm temperatures in the hot tub can encourage the growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, children who play with their heads below the surface of the water can be in danger of getting their hair caught. To prevent this from occurring, have children with longer hair pull their tresses back into a hair tie before allowing them to enter the water.

Following these safety tips will help to ensure your children's safety in and around the hot tub.

To learn more about hot tubs, and whether they're right for your family, reach out to a local company, like Ole's Pool & Spa.