Salmon Fishing Charter: Better Knots and Patient Jigging

If you're booking a salmon fishing charter trip this summer, preparing yourself for the challenges and excitement can be half the fun. From knots to jigging, here are some of the ways that you can catch more salmon on your trip. Better Knots Pound for pound, few fish fight like salmon. If you hook into a big salmon, the knots you normally use might not be up to the job. [Read More]

Choosing The Ideal Boat For Your Needs

Center console boats are a popular option for individuals that are wanting a watercraft that can be easily navigated. While a center console boat will have paths that make it extremely easy to navigate the full length of the boat, there are several factors that will need to be reviewed as you are looking for a new boat to purchase. Passenger Limit Every watercraft will have a maximum occupancy limit. It is extremely important to make sure that you are adhering to this limit when you are inviting people onto your boat. [Read More]

What Features You Should Prioritize In Your First Hunting Rifle

Going hunting is a popular pastime, but the way people have gone about it certainly has changed over the years. Modern hunting is more precise and enjoyable than ever, but if you have never been before, you likely have no idea what to expect or how to prepare yourself. Good hunting rifles are your first point of call when it comes to getting ready for your first hunt, and finding one that meets your needs is easy enough if you know what to look for. [Read More]

Top Signs You Should Take A Concealed Carry Class

There are a lot of great concealed carry classes out there, even in smaller cities and towns. You might have an interest in firearms, and you might even own a handgun or two. However, you might have never taken a concealed carry class, and you might not have put too much thought in doing so, either. These are a few signs that taking one of these classes is a good idea. [Read More]