Plan A Fabulous Family Biking Adventure

It's crazy to realize that the school year has flown by fast and that summer is here. Besides planning the end-of-the-school-year activities, you are probably also planning a summer vacation. If that plan includes a biking adventure, consider these ideas to make it a memorable and fun experience. 

Find The Best Location - There are fabulous places for families to camp and bike in the United States. Among those sites are Big Bend State Park in Texas, Buffalo Creek in Colorado, Tsali Park in North Carolina, Santos in Florida, and Warner and Oowah Lake in Utah. Be sure to call ahead of time to find out if you need to make reservations.

Make It A Family Plan - Part of the fun of planning your biking and camping trip will be the anticipation. Consider holding a family meeting. Don't make the mistake of doing all of the planning yourself, as kids love to be included. And, including the kids will make less work for you parents! Consider making assignments and working as teams.​

  • The Meal Planners - Even though you can certainly take suggestions from all the family members, it may be helpful for one parent and a child to be in charge of choosing what will be eaten each day. You'll of course need to make a shopping list. Don't forget to include all the kitchen equipment you'll need to make each meal. 
  • The Camp-Site Planners - How many tents will you need? Will there be one for parents and another one for kids? What about a separate area to store supplies? Don't forget a portable stove, a collapsible table and several chairs. It's a really good idea to bring a bike rack and weatherproof bike covers, too. 
  • The Packers - One team could be responsible to bring things like a first aid kit and equipment that might be needed in the event of bike problems. That would include a spare tube and patch kit, tire levers and a pump, and simple hand tools.

Take Care Of Extras -  If you don't all have the right kind of bikes for the terrain in which you'll be traveling, consider buying used ones. Even if your bikes are not in the best shape, experts at a bike repair shop, like Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery, can make them like new. After all, you'll probably want to use them after your camping trip, too.  

  • Be sure to tell the clerk at the repair shop what you are planning. The clerk may suggest that you select different tires for the terrain on which you will be biking.
  • Tire pressure will be checked, nuts and bolts will be tightened if necessary, and brakes will be checked to make sure they're grabbing correctly. Chains may need to be lubricated, too.
  • You can probably buy the extra equipment you'll be taking right at the bicycle repair shop.

Have fun planning a wonderful biking adventure!