4 Types Of Rvs To Consider For Your Camping Trip

If you are planning on going camping with your family, you might want to make it a more comfortable and convenient trip by taking an RV. There are many recreational vehicles (RVs) to choose from, including those you drive and those you tow behind your vehicle. Each of the RVs also serves a different purpose, from sleeping and cooking meals, to simply bringing along your tents and sleeping bags. Here are some different types of RVs to choose from.

Travel Trailer

The first type of RV you can bring with you camping is a travel trailer. This is one of the smaller types of RVs, which is perfect if you are on a budget and want to tow it with a pickup truck or SUV. Travel trailers provide you with a safe, comfortable place to sleep while camping so you aren't sleeping on the cold, hard ground. If it ends up raining while you camp, you have some protection from that as well. While each travel trailer is different, the majority of them at least have basic heat and air conditioning, a small kitchen, room for sleeping, and a small bathroom. Some may have more space for sleeping and sitting, but no bathroom or a very compact kitchen. These are usually good for having access to fresh water as well. You may also be able to buy or rent a travel trailer you drive, which is about the size of a conversion van.

Sport Utility RV

Some people don't want to actually sleep in the RV, but simply want it for storing items that don't fit in their vehicle. This is where the sport utility RV comes in. It is a towable RV that is meant for storing items like dirt bikes, extra luggage, large tents, and various other items. You can also get a sport utility RV that is large enough to accommodate one or multiple all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), if you're going camping in the desert and want to have some fun. They usually have a ramp to make it easy to transport bikes and ATVs. They should be towed behind a medium or large-sized truck or SUV. Smaller SUVs don't usually support the weight.

Motorized RV

For a little more space than a travel trailer, you should consider a motorized RV. Also known as a mini motorhome, this tends to have more space and amenities than a trailer, but a little less than what you get with a full-sized motorhome. This is good when you want room for multiple people in the motorhome, along with bathroom and kitchen amenities. They usually have one bed in the back, with other optional sleeping arrangements, such as sitting areas that fold out as beds. Another benefit of these is that you drive them, instead of having to tow them, but they are smaller and easier to manage.


The largest type of RV you can get is a full-sized motorhome. There are many sizes, styles, and features of motorhomes, depending on your preference. The luxury, high-end motorhomes accommodate a large family and have extra features like a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and dining area. These are great if you are planning on a long trip, bringing a large family or a big group of friends, or if you are driving long distances. To see recreational vehicles in person, visit a business such as Camping World of Ocala.