Understanding The Different Types Of RVs For Sale

Whether you plan to take a cross-country trip or just visit local attractions on the weekends, owning an RV can give you a lot of freedom to travel. If you're dreaming about becoming an RV owner, it is essential to do a lot of research and know what type of RV is the best fit for your needs. There are several different types of RVs to choose from:

Class A Motor Home

Class A motor homes are what most people envision when thinking about RVs. Class A motor homes are available in a variety of sizes, but they typically include an attached cockpit with captain seats that can be accessed from the living area, a kitchen, bedroom, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. Luxury Class A motor homes can also include features such as Wi-Fi, satellite television, and electric slide-outs that increase the living space of the RV when it is parked.

This type of motor home can be great for people who plan to travel in it often and for long periods of time. You do need to consider where you plan to park if you purchase a large Class A motor home-- some campgrounds are unable to accommodate very large RVs, but most RV parks have spots for larger motor homes.

Class B Motor Home

Class B motor homes have many of the same standard features as a Class A motor home, but on a much smaller scale. Also known as camper vans, this type of RV typically includes a bathroom, sleeping area, and small kitchen area. A Class B motor home can be a great choice for a couple, but if you plan to travel with your family, you may find this kind of motor home to be too small.

Class C Motor Homes

Many people consider Class C motor homes to be a hybrid of a Class A and Class B motor home. This type of RV is typically built on a van or truck chassis and includes an enclosed driving cabin that is separate from the living area and has doors on each side. The living area of a Class C motor home typically has a dining area, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and full bathroom. The living area usually extends over the driving cabin; some people use this area as an extra sleeping space, while others prefer to use it as extra storage space.

Class C motor homes come in many different sizes, and it is possible to find one with slide-outs if you need additional living space. While Class C motor homes can be similar in size to Class A motor homes, they typically lack the high-end amenities and upgrades that Class A motor homes have. If you have always wanted a Class A motor home but budget is a factor, a Class C motor home may be a good choice since they are often less expensive than their Class A counterparts but can still offer enough space for the whole family. Contact a company like Pettibone Resort On The River for more information.