A Few Tips for Storing Your RV

Your RV can be one of the most expensive possessions that you have. Not surprisingly, it is critical to take proper care of this large and complex vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be fairly common for individuals to make some critical oversights when it comes to storing their RV. To help you avoid making these mistakes, you should keep the following few tips in mind.

Steam-Clean the Interior

It may often be an extended period of time between uses of your RV. Unfortunately, this can make it easy for the interior of the vehicle to start to develop a foul, musty smell. Additionally, if there are crumbs in the carpet, this can attract various pests to your vehicle. In order to avoid these problems, you will want to regularly steam-clean the interior. When you steam-clean the RV, you will be able to remove those particles that have gotten lodged deep within the carpet fibers. After steam-cleaning the carpets, you should open all the windows to the RV to allow the carpet to dry as quickly as possible.

Use a Fuel Stabilizer

Over the course of time, the fuel in the gas tank will start to degrade. When this problem occurs, the fuel can form clumps that may clog the engine. However, you can simply use a fuel stabilizer to correct this problem. When you add this substance to the fuel, it will prevent this gradual degradation, but you will need to make sure that you use the correct stabilizer for your fuel. For example, if your RV uses diesel, you will want to make sure to purchase a stabilizer that is clearly labeled as diesel safe.

Remove the Battery

The battery can gradually start to corrode and discharge. In addition to forcing you to replace the battery after storage, this issue can make the battery more likely to develop a leak, which can result in substantial damage to your engine. For these reasons, you will want to make sure that you remove the battery from your vehicle before storing it. The exact steps for disconnecting and removing the battery can vary based on the design of the vehicle. Luckily, the steps for your vehicle can be found in your owner's manual.

Properly storing your RV is critical for helping to keep it safe from some of the more common forms of damage that it may encounter. By steam-cleaning the interior, using a fuel stabilizer, and removing the battery, you will be able to avoid these common problems that can arise from storing an RV.

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