Benefits Of Choosing A Metal Horse Shelter

There are all sorts of exciting decisions to make as you prepare to order a horse shelter for your property. You'll need to think about what size of shelter you want, as well as its general style. It's also important to consider whether you want this structure to have additional features such as a loft. On your list of decisions, you'll need to choose whether you want the structure to be metal or wood. Both options are commonly available, and each offers its own set of benefits. While wood will give the shelter more of a traditional look, you should think about the advantages that a metal shelter provides.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of opting for a metal horse shelter is the longevity of this material. While wood can last for many years, there's no doubt that metal will last longer. When you make an investment in a structure of this size, you want to be confident that it will have considerable longevity. In certain environments, wood is susceptible to rotting, which could potentially have you prematurely needing to replace the structure. This won't be a worry when you choose a metal shelter for your property.

Lack Of Maintenance

In general, a metal shelter will require less maintenance than one made of wood. Wood shelters tend to require upkeep work such as adding new paint or new stain multiple times during the lifespan of the shelter. Additionally, if you live in a humid environment, there may be moss growth on the wood that you need to remove with a pressure washer before it leads to rot. Each of these tasks can take a considerable amount of time, which may not be appealing when you have other duties that require your attention. The maintenance on a metal shelter won't be nearly as frequent as on a wooden one.


Another thing to keep in mind is that a metal shelter can be considerably quieter than a wooden shelter. Wood tends to creak over time. The frame and boards on the walls can expand and contract based on the humidity in the air, and this can cause them to move a little. As they move, they'll creak to some degree. Horses tend to be nervous animals, and you might worry that a creaking shelter causes your horses some distress. This is something that won't tend to be an issue with a metal horse shelter. Contact a local horse shelter builder to learn more about metal livestock shelters.