What You Should Know When Considering Whale Watching Tours

Whales are fascinating creatures, and there are places you can go to see them up close in their natural environment. Whale-watching tours are available in many parts of the country that take you offshore in a boat to where the whales are, and you can spend the day observing them up close.  

Whale Watching From The Water

One of the best ways to see whales in their natural environment is from a boat, and that requires getting offshore far enough to get close to them. Most whales will not come too close to the shore but are friendly to boats and ships in the waters around them. 

They will often surface near boats to see what they are, allowing visitors to get a good look at these huge creatures. Whale-watching tours are available for many different species of whales, so if there is one that you want to see, you may need to travel to the area they are native to and take a tour while you are there.

If you are unsure what whales live in the waters nearby, online resources can help you determine what species are near you and how you can see them. For families looking for something special to do together, a whale watch tour is often a trip you will remember for many years. 

Things To Take

If you are going out on a boat for the first time, you may want to take some things to make the whale watch tour more enjoyable. Packing a bag with things like motion sickness medication, some additional clothing in case it gets cold, and a camera can make the trip more pleasant. If there are specific items you need to bring, the whale watch tour company should provide a list of them on their website or when you purchase tickets.

Whale Watch Cost

The cost of the tour may vary and will be more for day trips than if you are only going out for a few hours. You may want to call the whale watch tour company and ask about the packages they offer, and book the best tour for you and your family. 

Some tours stay closer to shore in areas where the whales come into harbors or bays and places that require going out several miles to find the whales. The trip you select is up to you, but for a first trip, it is often better to try a short one, in case you have trouble with seasickness once you are away from the dock.  

Contact a local whale watch tour to learn more.