Exciting Adventures You Can Have In Boone, North Carolina

When your friends ask what you did on your vacation, you probably don't want to say, "Ummm, I watched TV in my hotel and went shopping." After all, you can do those things just about anywhere, including the city you currently call home. A vacation should be fun and memorable, and there are tons of awesome things you can do in Boone, North Carolina. Make the most of your trip to Watauga County by trying one -- or all -- of the exciting activities below.

Zipline Tours

Traveling by foot is okay, but you know what's better? Ziplining across the town in a secure, comfortable harness. Enjoy a clear view of the Blue Ridge Mountains as you zoom through the air, or get up close and personal with leafy trees, bubbling creeks, and lush fields of grass. 

There are tons of photo ops during a ziplining tour, but remember that you are traveling at high speeds high in the air. Place your phone in a protective case, and use a cord or other accessory to secure it to your body. Turn on voice prompts for hands-free photos, if you have that option, as it can be difficult to take photos as you guide yourself across the zipline.

Rock Climbing

Have you ever wished you could climb giant rocks like the ones you see in online memes? All you have to do is visit North Carolina. This scenic state has several large, rocky areas, such as Blowing Rock, that welcome climbers. Dress comfortably, and wear sturdy, well-fitting shoes so that it is easier for you to climb the rocks. You can go alone or request a team of guides to help you on your excursion. 

River Rafting

Water isn't just for swimming and fishing. Make your way across the French Broad River in a durable raft filled with your family members or fellow sightseers. The river can get a little rough at times, so don't forget to wear a life vest or a similar type of safety gear before you board your boat. Waves may splash into your raft, so wear clothes that you don't mind getting wet and place your smartphone in a waterproof case. 

Boone has activities and attractions that are a blast for folks of all ages, whether you're enjoying a staycation with your family or traveling from halfway across the country with your significant other. Embark on the adventures above and fill your online photo albums with pictures of beautiful scenery and fun-filled memories. Talk to experts like Sky Valley Zip Tours for more information.