Is A Universal, Semi-Custom Or Custom Canvas Cover Right For Your Boat?

One of the most critical components of proper boat storage is a canvas cover. A canvas cover helps block out excess moisture, dust, dirt and other debris, which can cause damage to the interior surfaces of a vessel. Canvas covers typically are available in one of three options: universal, semi-custom and custom. Before purchasing a cover, find out which option is best for you.

Universal Covers

Universal covers are the most economical option. They could be classified as the one-size-fits-all solution. Unfortunately, they do leave something to be desired. Since the universal canvas is designed to accommodate a number of different models, it might not offer the securest fit so it will be quite easy for dirt, dust and other debris to get under the cover and inside the boat.

If you plan to store your boat in a high dust environment or outside in an area that requires heavy weather protection, a universal cover might not adequately protect your boat.  However, if these are not concerns, you should be fine.

Semi-Custom Covers

Semi-custom covers are a step up from universal covers. They get their name because they aren't designed to fit a specific boat model, but instead designed to fit a specific style of boat, such as a deck or bass boat. This option does offer an advantage over universal covers.

Since semi-custom canvas covers are designed to fit a number of different models, manufacturers are typically liberal in terms of the amount of fabric they use to design the covers. This can work in your favor as the more material available, the better you can ensure that your boat is covered entirely and securely.

Custom Covers

In terms of cost, custom covers are going to be the most expensive option available. However, they are also going to be the best option for most boat owners. As their name suggests, a custom cover isn't just designed to fit a particular style of boat, but also a specific model and year.

Additionally, custom covers take into account any critical wear points by adding reinforcements for these spaces. The end result is a cover that is designed specifically for use with your boat. This type of exclusivity offers a perfect fit and complete protection for your boat.

Take your time to choose the right cover for your boat. As a critical protection component, the right cover can serve as the difference between a boat in good condition and a damaged boat so choose wisely. Contact a business, such as Pacific Boat Tops & Upholstery Inc., for more information.