Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level With These Tips

When you've been playing golf for a little while and are mostly happy with your game, it's time to think about making some improvements. This is one of the best things about the game of golf — there's always room to take your game to the next level. Whether you've finally broken 100 or you're consistently scoring in the low 80s, there are a number of things that you can work on during visits to your local course that can help you score even lower. Here are some things to implement.

Aim For The Pin, Not The Green

Too many novice players make the mistake of simply aiming for the green as they approach it. The premise is that they'll be happy to land their ball on the green or on the first cut of grass around it. This concept is fine, but not if you're looking to improve your scoring. It's a better idea to aim for the pin; this way, even if you're off by a bit, you should still end up on the green. Conversely, if you merely aim for the green and are off, you may end up in the rough or in a sand bunker.

Practice Your Sand Game

No one likes to have his or her ball land in a sand bunker, but your ability to successfully and confidently play the ball where it lies will separate you from the pack. You'll feel more confident in this situation if you've practiced your sand shots extensively. A local golf course will likely have a practice area. Visit it before each round and place a handful of balls in various spots around the sand hazard. Hit each of the balls out of the sand and onto the green, and then gather the balls, toss them back into the sand, and repeat this pattern. The more practice you have, the less concerned you'll be when your ball lands in the sand during a game.

Putt From Off The Green

You don't necessarily need to be on the green to take out your putter. If your ball is off the green, you might automatically reach for a short wedge — but this could be detrimental to your score. Instead, practice putting from off the green. It's a tactic that many skilled players use, and without enough practice, you should be able to hit your shots correctly and keep your scores low.